At Fortis La Femme, we stress on the importance of healthy and nutritious diet for your general well-being. Your health is in fact directly linked to the food choices that you make. Our department of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics is committed to give specific nutritional advice and dietary recommendations for women across ages, as well as children.

Our experienced team of nutritionists and dieticians work with you to create a customised diet chart for you based on your history, allergies and specific requirements.

  • Diet during Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy: The need for eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is especially profound during and after pregnancy as it directly affects the physical and mental health of the foetus. We inform expecting mothers about the 'superfoods' to eat during pregnancy to get the right balance of nutrients like iron, folic acid, vitamin C, fibre. We also provide post-pregnancy dietary information to help improve mother's milk production and help them get into shape after pregnancy.
  • Diet for Diabetic Patient: Our nutritionist in adjunct with clinicians have ample experience in working with individuals with diabetes. They work with you to design a meal plan and tell you what kinds of foods you should eat for meals, as well as snacks to manage your diabetes. They also inform you about quantity of a particular food type to be taken
  • Diet during Recovery: If you are recovering from a surgery or particular illness, you need a special kind of diet to ensure speedy recovery. Based on your ailment, medication and allergies, our dieticians recommend a food chart to support your recovery plan.
  • Diet for Children: We provide nutrition counselling and diet chart for the children to aid in their optimal physical and mental growth and development.

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