Being a leading mother and child care centre, we continue to provide care for your little one beyond delivery. With our team of experienced and specialised paediatricians we provide international quality paediatric care for your child. Our doctors review the medical history of your child and take in account any possible allergies before recommending a treatment plan.

Most importantly, we stress on providing a compassionate and friendly atmosphere to your child to ensure that he is comfortable and is on his way to speedy recovery.

At Fortis La Femme, we have a world-class infrastructure and use latest techniques to provide care for your child. We include a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is equipped with advanced digital equipment and systems for the monitoring and care of new-born.

Key services offered by the Department of Paediatrics include:

  • General Paediatrics: Our specialists are well-experienced in providing treatment for ENT problems, asthma and other respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, skin infections, etc.
  • Nutrition counselling: We stress on the importance of healthy diet and nutrition for general health and well-being of a child. We provide nutrition counselling for new-borns and children to aid in in their optimal physical and mental growth and development.
  • Paediatric Surgery: We have a full-time/round-the-clock back up for neonatal surgeries.
  • Immunization:Immunization is an effective way of preventing onset of a disease in your child. At La Femme, we provide immunization schedules for infants and children to make sure they get the best protection.

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