The Department of Radiology at Fortis La Femme includes advanced medical equipment to provide the best diagnostic output. Our department provides a wide range of services, such as digital X-ray including fluoroscopy guided procedures, ultrasound, mammography for detection and diagnosis of breast diseases (headed by Col. Dr C S Pant who is a pioneer in the field) and whole body Bone Mineral Density scan to check for osteoporosis.

Our maternity program is complemented by our state-of the-art radiology department that conducts ultrasounds, including colour Doppler and 3D & 4D imaging, to detect any foetal abnormalities and analyse foetal anomalies, growth, weight, cardiac function etc., during various stages of pregnancy. Ultrasounds are part of routine check-up during pregnancy as they provide a lot of useful information related to how the pregnancy is progressing. Key information provided by ultrasounds include the number of foetuses, delivery due date, appearance of cervix and the position of placenta.

The Department of Radiology includes a staff of experienced and specialised radiologists who are committed to provide highest quality diagnostic and interventional imaging services.

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